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                                                                               Welcome to East Bay Therapy.


If only you were handed an owner’s manual for how to live the optimal life, aligned with your soul’s highest purpose, in touch with your true radiance. Who then would you be?

It would truly be an honor to support you with diving deep, and learning how to navigate your inner and outer world with mastery, grace, and ease.


As a Holistic and Somatic Therapist,  I support the integrative exploration of self, and the inseparable connection between symptoms and sensations in the body with the subconscious material of the psyche, and the intellect of the mind.


I am dedicated to collaborating with you to discover and design a therapeutic trajectory that best serves your individual needs, goals, visions, and dreams. With support, engaging, opening, and clearing blockages living inside, allows for new experiences and the reorganization of core beliefs. This in turn, cultivates true coherence and transformation, allowing the journey toward freedom to take flight.

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