"Sara is a true healer. I trust her and feel how she sincerely has my back with diving deep into the murky parts of myself, and my life. I love the Somatic and Mindfulness work we do. I am often surprised with the memories, thoughts and feelings that surface from dropping into my sensations. I continue to be impressed with how efficiently things move through me and clear out of my body & mind, to a place of resolve."  

                                                         - Client

"I am grateful for the safety and compassion Sara provides. With her support, I am able to process the most vulnerable and complex parts of myself. Sara supports me with breaking through old patterns and behaviors that don’t serve me. My work with her has directly supported me with accomplishing goals that were once daunting and far from reach."

- Client

“I started working with Sara for support with a severe trauma I endured. Her guidance, support, and ability to hold and track my experience with mindfulness techniques and EMDR changed my life. I am blown away with how quickly and deeply this work has impacted me. I have a new sense of freedom, calm, and closure that I was skeptical was possible before working with Sara.“

- Client

Sara Nicoletti, LMFT lic. #44509

1009 Solano Ave, Suite B,

Albany, CA 94706


(510) 468-9344

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