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Engaging with the complications of life is a courageous path. That which holds you back also provides opportunity within it, to heal, grow, and reach further than you would ever dare to dream without its guidance.


Many of us have formed limiting core beliefs rooted in our experience with our family of origin or environment growing up. These experiences have impacted how we are able to manifest our highest path in this world.


With compassionate support, and guided, purposeful, exploration you do not have to endure challenge in isolation. That which you crave to become is truly within your reach in a sustainable and achievable way.


In addition to Psychodynamic “talk” therapy I also incorporate Somatic modalities that support the unfolding of your experience in a natural and all encompassing way. Please see my “About” page for more detail.



Intimacy sometimes invokes challenge that feels overwhelming and immobilizing. Emotional reactivity, or feeling shut down, limits healthy communication and understanding between two people. Ultimately this break down creates feelings of isolation, resentment, and discord.


With support, these very aspects that limit can become vehicles for propelling you to a further place of wellbeing, healing, and wholeness as individuals and in relationship to one another.


As a skilled, neutral, third party I am dedicated to tracking and supporting your individual experience and connection to one another with insight, compassion, and concrete systems to create the thriving relationship and life you deserve. Collaboratively, we will identify present challenges, core beliefs being triggered, and goals. With support, you will learn more effective ways of connecting in truth and resolving issues, rather than provoking further discord and distance.


Whether striving for more depth, alliance, and passion, or seeking to shift out of, or restructure the construct of your relationship I am dedicated to supporting you with navigating these complexities in integrity. I welcome couples from diverse ethnicities and sexual preferences.




In addition to in person sessions I also offer Skype and phone sessions.


For some, coming to a therapy office can be emotionally, physically, or logistically challenging. Skype & phone sessions offer you the flexibility to engage in therapy from any location. Sessions via Skype or phone also allows weekly work to continue when traveling.


Sessions from your own environment, where you feel most comfortable, can be beneficial for feeling truly open, vulnerable, and safe. These components are essential for authentic exploration and depth work to be successful.


I often receive feedback from my Skype and phone clients that they are impressed with how acutely I am able to track, contact, and support their experience. Just as there are visual cues that inform my work in person and via Skype, via phone auditory cues provide potent guidance.


While I very much value in person sessions when possible; I also sincerely believe in the benefits of Skype and phone sessions.

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