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In every session I am dedicated to supporting your experience with curiosity, warmth, and compassion. Through the use of thoughtful inquiry, mindfulness tools, and tracking your body’s experience, I support the discovery, shifting, and healing of that which holds you back from your highest capacity and potential.

My Specialities include:


Family of Origin Work

Many of us carry core, self-limiting beliefs, or wounds formed while growing up with our family of origin. Sometimes these themes can even be traced back through our ancestral lineage as well. Family of origin work supports breaking familial patterns, internal blocks rooted in old ways of navigating challenge, and foraging new pathways for a deeper sense of well-being, balance, health, and freedom.

Intimacy & Relationship Issues

Closeness, or desire for closeness, can trigger issues within the self that are not at the surface when operating outside the construct of intimacy. Relationship can inform where your edges are that limit your highest path and therefore provide and excellent opportunity to heal self- limiting themes just below the surface.


As a mother of three, with a background in Montessori Education, a foundation in Psychodynamic Theory, and a passion for understanding the psychosocial and emotional needs of children, I am extremely skilled and committed to supporting your parenting journey with empathy, compassion and guidance.

Life Transitions

Whether you are contemplating a new career, starting or ending a relationship, grieving loss, or navigating another major transition in your life I am honored to support you with grounding authentically in your truth and concretely moving forward to the next cycle of your heart’s craving.

Family Planning, Fertility, Birth, Post-Partum

For many, family planning is a huge step into the unknown. Along with the choice to bring children into this world, or to not, comes many complexities. As well, many struggle with issues regarding fertility, preparing to give birth, processing their unexpected birth story, and/or dealing with the many faceted experience of Post-Partum. In addition to supporting you with talk therapies, the Somatic modalities I offer complement this process deeply. Mindfulness tools can often support a new awareness of your core and subconscious experience and foster an essential healing and balance needed to move forward in your life.

Loss & Grief

Coping with loss and grief can be extremely isolating even when resourced with network of personal support. Timing with moving through this experience is very unique to the individual. Often loss and grief can lodge itself into the nervous system and body. In addition to empathetic and supportive talk therapy, Somatic work such as EMDR can be very effective to supporting you with moving through your experience in a way that is integrated, honoring, and fosters the releasing release of pain from your loss.

Depression, Anxiety, Stress

Many navigate varying levels of deregulation due to depression, anxiety and stress. These emotions often not only impact your mind but your body as well, creating symptoms that can challenge your day to day. Even those who are successful in many areas of their life grapple with these elements. You do not need to mange these challenges independently. I offer both modalities and concrete skill development that supports shifting these emotions so you are able to manifest the life you crave and deserve.

Deepening of Self & Authentic Living

Therapy provides an excellent container to explore, deepen, and fine-tune your life. What is your highest path? Where are the subtle edges in yourself that need refinement and to grow out of your comfort zone? Having a guide and ally offers new insights that you would not obtain if grappling with these ponderings independently. Therapy is not only beneficial for those who need support with something that feels wrong or off balance in their life. Therapy is also an amazing opportunity to reflect on what is working and the next level of self that wants to emerge more genuinely.

Empowerment & Self-Esteem

Learned behaviors that do not serve your highest and experiences that have negatively impacted the way you feel about yourself do not need to keep a tight grip on your present life. With therapeutic support these wounded, shadow sides of self can truly heal, and transform in order for you to become your most powerful, alive, version of yourself.

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